Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My opologies of late

Right now I'm having problems that make it difficult to post.

Of course they're not problems unknown to many others. It's just necessary to explain mine in particular because I feel a need and requirement to post. Yes, I'm sick (as in mental).

My wife's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer* which metastasized to her lungs and she needed to be hospitalized because she was having breathing problems. She passed away last Monday morning and we're besot (Jesus that sounds like a horrible complaint and isn't) by family concerns and grievances. We're also trying to figure out how to help with the costs of the funeral.

I'd not known grandma (Lola in Tagalog), but loved talking with her as she had been around for the American and Japanese occupations of the Philippines. I'll preach here. Talk to the elderly. You'll be shocked what they can tell you. My own mother was a child when automobiles became commonly available, long before airplanes and TV. One of my grandmothers told me of crossing the US in a covered wagon when she was young. Grab first hand history while it's still there.

Shit, I could tell you one hell of a lot about the world without these fucking computers.

Lola was a somewhat cranky lady at times. She didn't like all the dogs her family kept around the house, but she was also quite gracious.

So it will be a few days before I can concentrate on mundane things like US Senators' resignations, impending mid-east wars, insults to the Chinese and what color dress the first lady wore. Although the latter was never of any concern to me. For now its time to concentrate on Lola. May God rest her soul forever.

* Lost a sister and mother-in-law to cancer and I may be the next. It affects all families.

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My condolences,
jim hruska

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