Monday, March 01, 2010

More Dems Join EPA Block

Oops. That's not the right Holland image.

That's the right image.

I know the windmill is a cliché , but they're even on some of their fucking stamps.

Had these people been around, there would be no Holland. They'd have run around pulling the little Dutch boy's fingers out of the holes in the dykes.

And I'm well aware I lost your attention with that last sentence. Focus!

Two House Democrats are joining the assault on the coming greenhouse gas regulations from the EPA. On Thursday, Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Armed Services Chair Ike Skelton (D) introduced a resolution to overturn the agency’s finding that emissions threaten human health. Missouri Republican Jo Ann Emerson is cosponsoring the legislation.

Their measure mirrors the Senate attack on EPA regulations from Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who is using a resolution of disapproval--an obscure procedural maneuver to overturn agency regulations--to block the agency’s scientific conclusion that planet-warming gases endanger humans. The House trio introduced a separate piece of legislation earlier this month to amend the Clean Air Act, but has now synched its efforts with those in the Senate. Murkowski’s measure has 40 cosponsors, including Democrats Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Mary Landrieu (La.).

The EPA's finding has triggered the regulation of gases, with rule for automobiles expected next month and major stationary sources like power plants coming in April. With Senate debate on a carbon cap stalled out, the EPA rules are seen as the last hope for regulating emissions this year.

Climate change won't wait. Its gonna happen regardless whether politicians ignore it and refuse to act. And it will happen even faster when those politicians also insist on blocking any efforts to fight it. At least the EPA is trying to do something.

I'm sure anyone with asthma would contend the fucking emissions affecting air quality are most definitely a health hazard to them as they are for the rest of US.

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