Thursday, February 16, 2006

Able Danger is Back

A secret Pentagon unit had Mohammed Atta, the 9/11 ringleader, in its crosshairs 13 times before the 2001 attacks, a US congressman has claimed citing the unit's records.

Curt Weldon, a Republican representative, said on Tuesday data produced by the US military intelligence unit code-named Able Danger showed Atta's name 13 times.

Unfortunately, this information wasn't given to the FBI because efforts to do so were blocked by shrub administration lawyers.
"At least one additional witness has come forward who just retired from one of the intelligence agencies who will also testify under oath that he was well-aware of, and identified, Mohammed Atta's both name and photo prior to 9/11 occurring."

I'm no expert in these, or any other, things, but it seems this all reeks of malfeasance at least or criminal neglect.

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