Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hyenas Always Attack Weak Animals

This is fun theater. I love to watch them turn on their own.
Leading members of George W Bush's Republican party are moving to block a deal which would give a Dubai-based firm control over six US ports.

Jerry Lewis, who chairs the powerful House of Representatives appropriations committee, is introducing emergency legislation to halt the takeover.

The move puts the president in direct conflict with his own party in Congress and has been called a slap in the face.

Well, a slap in the face isn't as serious as birdshot in the face.

But there's money involved here and an ally in the war on terror so, of course, Bush has to make sure it happens.
Mr Bush has strongly backed the $6.85bn (£3.94bn) deal, saying he would veto any law designed to block it.

That should stop Lewis, right? Not so much.
But Mr Lewis - in theory, at least, one of the president's key supporters - is making his legislation part of an emergency spending bill that provides extra funds for hurricane disaster relief and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aren't you just giddy Bush has no line item veto power? How can he veto a bill like that? If he does, it means he doesn't give a shit about Katrina victims (who are his fellow Americans) and he doesn't support our troops who are fighting his illegal war.

I need popcorn for this. Lots of it.


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