Sunday, April 09, 2006

Excuse me, but I don't think Bush is capable of psychological warefare. That supposes just too much.
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has dismissed reports of a possible US nuclear strike against Iran as "completely nuts".

He told the BBC there was no basis for any military action despite suspicions over Iran's nuclear programme.

US press reports say Washington is drawing up plans for attacks on Iran's nuclear sites. One article suggests the possibility of a nuclear strike.

Iran has said the reports are no more than a form of "psychological warfare".

The UN's top nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei is to visit Iran this week, amid growing international pressure on Tehran to end the enrichment of uranium, which it restarted in January.

In the BBC interview, Mr Straw was responding to a report by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker magazine that the Pentagon was stepping up plans for a possible air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Washington Post has also reported that the US may be considering military action, although it said no attack was likely in the short term.

Jack Straw
Mr Straw says there is not enough basis for an attack on Iran
The paper said the US wants to show Iran it is ready to use force if necessary.

But Mr Straw told BBC One's Sunday AM show there was "no smoking gun" to justify an attack on Iran despite "high suspicion" over its nuclear work.

"We can't be certain about Iran's intentions and that is therefore not a basis for which anybody would gain authority to go to military action," he said.

Iran's foreign ministry dismissed the US media reports as a form of intimidation "stemming from America's anger and helplessness".

Completey nuts? Yeah that's Bush.

Why does anyone think Bush will not attack? Why does anyone think Bush won't use nukes? Why don't you all realise Bush won't listen to his military advisors (as opposed to KR)? Iran is next and there is no doubt about it.


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