Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Iran Is Legally Enriching Uranium

Some things just make your jaw drop. This is one of those things if you're just hearing about it. I have to admit, as easy as this info is to find, I'm ashamed I didn't already know this.
It’s easy to get confused about developments in Iran because the media does everything in its power to obfuscate the facts and then spin the details in way that advances American policy objectives. But, let’s be clear; the Security Council did NOT order Iran to stop enriching uranium. It may not even be in their power to do so since enrichment is guaranteed under the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty). For the Security Council to forbid Iran to continue with enrichment activities would be tantamount to repealing the treaty itself. They didn’t do that.


"The [UN] Security Council reaffirms its commitment to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and recalls the right of States Party, in conformity with articles I and II of that Treaty, to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination”.

Should we be surprised that not one newspaper in the western press printed this astonishing vindication of Iran’s conduct under the terms of the NPT?

The media routinely characterizes Iran’s behavior as “defiance”, as if anyone who stands in the way of American foreign policy is inherently evil. In fact, there is an important principle involved in Iran’s response that is never adequately explored. The right to enrich uranium is the central tenet of the NPT. That is why in the language of the treaty, it is referred to as an “inalienable right”. This point is oftentimes overlooked but it is crucial to understanding the true spirit of the treaty. Every nation is entitled to the full benefits of nuclear technology as long as they comply with inspections that ensure their programs are strictly being used for peaceful purposes.


For the United States to say that they want Iran to forgo enrichment is the same as saying they want to unilaterally repeal the treaty.

The article at AfterDowningStreet.org has much more, including the fact atomic energy inspectors have never found evidence Iran is working on building a nuclear bomb. Of course, because Bush wants to attack Iran and he's getting an assist from Israel, such facts won't slow him down for a second.

Note: the picture is of low-enriched uranium powder which isn't suitable for bomb making. This's the grade Iran has produced.


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