Sunday, July 30, 2006

Comments on the content of my last two posts

Hey, as long as this horse is staggering around on all fours, I'm gonna keep beating it until I know its dead and may not stop even then.

Not one Hizballa guerilla has been identified as killed in the attack on QANA, Lebanon. Only civilians were killed. Its obvious to me that this is revenge against the Lebanese people for supporting or, at the least ignoring, Hiszballa in their midst. This is totally unacceptable behaviour. This isn't defending Israel, this is aggression against the Lebanese people who aren't lobbing missiles at Israel at all.

It sort of makes you question just how "accidental" the attack on the UN outpost was considering the UN observers could report what's really happening as opposed to what Israel wants to say is happening. Being innocent doesn't spare anyone in Lebanon from Israeli destruction.

You can thank me for not showing you the pictures I've seen of Afgan, Iraqi and Lebanese children's dead and mutilated bodies. The pictures are of atrocities I hoped never to see again.



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