Monday, July 31, 2006

That Mel Gibson incident

I'm gonna put on my TFH and speculate here. Follow me or not. But first I want to say I don't condone at all the remarks attributed to Gibson if he made them.

Now why say "if he made them"? Hasn't he apologized? Isn't that an admission he made them?

Ok, here's where we go all wooga wooga.

You're drunk (very). You're pulled over by the cops (for sure). You are asked to get out of the car (politely). And you start ranting and raving about Jews? WTF? Does that make any sense?

Apologizing for drinking, trying to deny you've had too much, even trying to punch the officer make sense. But Gibson goes off on the Jews? Its just too bizarre. What would be the motivation? Motivation…good association for an actor.

Unless Gibson is obsessed with hatred for Jews, thinks about them all the time, why would his mind go there?

He apologized though.

Did he apologize because he knows he said such things or because he was told he said them and he has no recollection? I believe I harbor no hatred for harp players, but if I were drunk on my ass last night and someone today told me I'd ranted and raved about harp players I'd probably believe they're telling me the truth.

Its all speculation on my part. Just indulging in mental gymnastics here.

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