Sunday, July 30, 2006

The fly in the ointment

In an earlier post (at SPIIDERWEB™) or (at Bad Attitudes) I said it appeared the Sheba Farms would become an important issue, but resolvable unless Israel balked. Well, Hizballa is pushing this issue to center stage. Its a deal breaker so it they might as well discuss it now.
Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, has said that if Israel wants secure borders it must withdraw from the disputed Shebaa Farms area it has occupied since 1967.

Israel, which has bombarded Beirut's suburbs and southern Lebanon with aircraft and artillery since July 12, has said it wants to weaken Hezbollah so that the Lebanese government can disarm the group.

In an interview with late on Friday, Siniora said his government cannot force Hezbollah to disarm as long as Israel continues to occupy the Shebaa Farms.

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