Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm back…sort of

I hadn't read the August post about my being gone. It said I broke my ribs, which is true, but that isn't why I couldn't blog. I also broke my wrist. It's healing agonizingly slowly and is very painful still.

I'll try to ease back into posting. Most posts will be pictorial because they require mouse clicks primarily and I can handle those with my left hand, though not well.

After the cast came off, my wrist, hand and forearm were all still quite swollen and the swelling is going down slowly. I believe there's more damage inside that the x-rays can't detect and I'm sure my wrist and forearm will never be the same as before.

Unfortunately, I can only type at about 25-30% of my normal speed, which is slow to begin with, and only for a few minutes before my wrist and forearm start aching like hell.

Thanx to those who have hung in there and watched for my return.

A word of advice you've heard before. NEVER use a chair with wheels as a step stool.



Blogger KayInMaine said...

Oh my Spiiderweb!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, my friend. I apologize for not posting while you were gone, but I have a couple other blogs and it's getting insane at this point! (I'm having fun of course, but it can be too much sometimes!).

You used a chair with wheels as a step stool? You're lucky you didn't break your neck!! I'm so glad that you're okay though. Yes, you have some broken bones, but at least you're upright and are able to walk!!!

Glad you're back. :-)

9/23/2006 08:50:00 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Spiidey, I'm glad you're back and feeling OK, but I can't help but ask: What were you thinking? I always need a stepstool because I am 4'10", so maybe I'm used to it enough that the idea of using a chair with wheels sounds like the height of dumbass. ;)

Like Kay, I've been crazy of late, with the added problem of internet use monitoring at work means I can't blog during the day. But I have a nice post about the Osama Bin Laden Death Watch that I'll put up.

9/23/2006 11:05:00 PM  

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