Friday, October 27, 2006

Just Back Off You Little Shits

Am I the only one getting tired of this macho shit? This asshole reminds me of my dead father and that ain't good.
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday that critics should "just back off" on demands for deadlines in Iraq and that it is difficult to predict when Iraqis will resume control of their country.

At a Pentagon news conference, Rumsfeld said benchmarks for security, political and economic progress that U.S. and Iraqi officials have been discussing are valuable because "you are in effect establishing priorities."

But he said the timelines have no specific deadlines, or consequences if goals are not met by specific dates.

"You're looking for some sort of a guillotine to come falling down if some date isn't met. That is not what this is about," Rumsfeld told reporters.

"They've been discussing the way forward through the rest of this year and next year," Rumsfeld said of discussions between U.S. and Iraqi officials. "As they do that, they then discuss, `Well, when might something happen?' And it isn't a date. And it isn't a penalty if it doesn't" happen.

Get a clue Rummy. You just might not be a god. You just might be wrong sometimes.

I take that back. You are probably wrong almost all the time.

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