Friday, November 10, 2006

Bloggers, The New Gods Of Politics

Here's my take on the election from the blogger perspective.

Yes, bloggers influenced some voters by offering perspective and information they would never get from the MSM because we scour foreign news sources and find things Murdoch will never tell you. And we influenced some younger voters by providing historical info they are too young to have remembered and certainly would never get from history courses in school.

But, and this is as big a but as you'll find, we were not a major influence. Nope. None of us. Some raised money and raised awareness, but we all played a minor role. Polls show, at most, about 28% of people even consult blogs for political information.

So most people were not influenced by bloggers at all because they didn't read us.

That said, its like door-to-door flyer distribution, driving voters to the polls and calling people to remind them to vote. None are "important" yet all are important if taken as a whole. Perhaps our influence will grow as time goes on and I certainly hope so. Meanwhile we need to be humble and realize we're just a small part of the whole game. Bloggers didn't get anyone elected although we may have been a big help in getting some of the bums thrown out.


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