Saturday, December 02, 2006


Beware of anyone saying "all" instead of "most" regardless of political stripe. I think all Americans should agree invading Iraq was a mistake, but they don't.
Appearing on the CBS News Program Face the Nation, Senator elect Bob Corker (R) TN said last Sunday that "all Americans want to see us change our strategy in Iraq", while Senator elect Claire McCaskill (D) MO said "All of us know that we have made a terrible mistake in Iraq."

Both of these Senators-to-be used the word “all” in describing public opinion. That’s usually a danger sign. All Americans rarely agree on anything. In particular, the percentage of Americans who agree that there needs to be a change in strategy in Iraq, or who say that the U.S. made a mistake in Iraq, is far from unanimous. At the moment, about forty percent of Americans, in fact, say that the U.S. should continue with its current strategy in Iraq (albeit it for most with a change in tactics). About forty percent say that involvement of the U.S. in Iraq was not a mistake.

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