Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Michael Kinsley's last column? Could be

Oh my. This is reporting.
It is not the fault of Jenna or Barbara Bush that their father, the president, has gotten us into a war that he doesn't know how to get us out of. And, although you can blame parents for almost anything, George W. and Laura Bush are no longer responsible for the behavior of their twin daughters, who are in their mid-20s. Presidents, like the rest of us, don't get to choose their relatives. Remember Billy Carter?

He gets much more [sorry, don't know the word to enter here] Perhaps caustic?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article!

This kinda points out an issue I have about the draft...

I am not convinced about the equality of the all volunteer military.

Not very many rich kids seem to feel the call.

They party but don't protect...

12/07/2006 03:48:00 AM  

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