Saturday, December 02, 2006

Must Read IMHO

You won't read this stuff in the MSM in America. Americans don't want to be told about their country's decline, so they aren't.
With the US government firmly on the back foot in Iraq and President George W Bush rendered a lame duck by a Democratic Congress, the end of the American century is approaching rather faster than previously expected. [1] My characterization of the United States as Garfield may have been too gentle in the context of what is likely to happen going forward, when the cat becomes feral. The death of any superpower usually carries with it a combination of military and economic defeats and, as with the Soviet Union's demise in the 1990s, America's decline will prove equally cruel.

1. Garfield with guns, Asia Times Online, September 2.

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Can I get that on wry?

Good article.

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