Sunday, February 18, 2007

Car bombs kill 55 in Baghdad, despite crackdown

I'm sure the residents are feeling all comfy knowing there's a crackdown underway.
Two car bombs tore through a busy shopping area of a mainly Shi'ite district of Baghdad on Sunday, killing 55 people and wounding scores as militants defied a military offensive by U.S. and Iraqi troops.

The blasts came just two days after Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki trumpeted what he called the "brilliant success" of Operation Imposing Law in quelling sectarian violence that has turned the capital's streets into killing fields.

But U.S. generals, mindful of a similar crackdown last summer that failed, have been more cautious and warned any downturn in violence might be temporary as militants adapt their tactics to meet the new strategy.

And duh, the militants aren't stupid and can adapt? Who the hell could have predicted that? Just asking.

A "brilliant success" my ass. Even though the militants* are laying low, they are still very lethal.

I always say I'm no military expert, but...

This is the militants/insurgents fight. They have the passion, equipment and tactics needed to engage in guerrilla warfare. They will never stop nor be defeated. This is their fight and the US has no right to be in it.

*I really don't know what term to use. Militants? Insurgents? anti-occupation fighters? Enemy? Terrorists?

Perhaps we need a new term such as defenders because they are fighting the soldiers of a foreign country which illegally invaded and occupied their country. They're defending themselves just as most Americans would do under similar circumstances.

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