Sunday, March 11, 2007

Container Holding Uranium Found At Pawn Shop

First of all, why in hell did he keep it?

Second, Bush didn't have to look to Iraq and Nigeria for yellow cake, he could have found it in Florida. Jeb could have picked it up for him.
A container believed to be holding 1 ounce of uranium yellow cake was recovered at a Central Florida pawn shop on Thursday, according to authorities.

Marion County Fire Rescue officials retrieved the container with the uranium yellow cake, which is a processed form of uranium, from Gold Mine Pawn in Belleview after being called in regards to a suspicious container.

The container was a lead cylinder with markings that the contents were radioactive, according to Marion County officials.

The owner of the pawnshop said the container was kept in a box that had been in storage since being purchased from an out-of-town estate sale about 20 years ago.

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