Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hundreds Bid Farewell to 1st Wendy's

Above is an AP photo of the first Wendy's restaurant in Columbus OH.
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- They came in droves, regulars and first-timers, children, parents and grandparents, to order burgers, fries and milkshakes at the first Wendy's restaurant, closing Friday after 37 years downtown because of persistent lagging sales.

Some called the decision corporate greed. Others shrugged, saying they could understand a business decision.

"If Dave Thomas knew he would roll over in his grave," said Drenna Burke, a broker's assistant who works around the corner. She ate often at the dark brick restaurant with a distinctive blue-and-white aluminum trim and on Thursday was snapping pictures of Wendy's paraphernalia, including toys, utensils and photos of Thomas from over the years.

"You can't tell me that Wendy's doesn't make enough profit that they can continue to keep this open," Burke said. "It's all about greed and it's all about money."

Now that's all interesting enough, but it gets more interesting IMHO.

I find it more interesting because the second photo is from Wendy's homepage and distinctly identifies the "first store" as being in Zanesville OH.

Now I don't know if Zanesville OH is a suburb, but the AP story makes it pretty clear the first store is in downtown Columbus. Perhaps the AP story is just a little sloppy or perhaps Wendy's can't remember the location of their first store.

I always find it interesting when easily determined "facts" can differ. It also appears the AP photo is a picture of an all-glass storefront as opposed to dark brick.

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