Saturday, March 03, 2007

Us will, will not, will, might talk with Syria and Iran

In reference to the article in my last post, there is this little gem.
At the end of last year, the Baker-Hamilton report, written by a bipartisan commission of Republicans and Democrats, suggested opening talks with Iran and Syria to resolve the Iraqi crisis. However, President Bush has taken a total opposite direction and blames Iran and Syria for the US military losses in Iraq!

No new news there. Bush has always said he won't talk to Iran and Syria.

But then this came out.
After years of refusing to talk directly to Iran and Syria, the White House has done an abrupt about face and is beginning to engage in talks. Within the past two weeks, the administration officials have agreed to high-level talks with Iran and Syria and will begin the process of granting diplomatic recognition to North Korea.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said that although some people are calling U.S. participating in a regional meeting as a policy change that "it is nothing of the sort."

Three things come to mind.

1. I'm thinking of a leopard's ability to change his spots here.

2. Tony Snow is a lying son of a bitch bastard if not just a fool.

3. Don't the eyes look like Bush and Cheney's?

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