Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This can't be good

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse...they do.

For some reason the US's use of thermobaric warheads in Fallujah flew under my radar. Sometimes I'm quite content my radar is set so high.

Don't these scientist ever tire of producing more and more ugly munitions to kill their fellow human beings?

And these fucking things are portable. Now you just know they'll be traded on the black market.
Jane’s reveals that China’s Xinshidai Company is churning out thermobaric warheads for the venerable RPG-7. Thermobaric explosives are ‘volumetric’ – the explosion comes from a cloud rather than a point source, and produces a blast that lasts longer. Even though this increase in duration is measured in milliseconds, it makes thermobarics far more destructive than condensed explosives, against both buildings and people.

BTW, I rarely read Jane's because its just so depressing.

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