Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm back and not dead...yet

Well, I'm back sort of. This post will be all over the place. My apologies, but it is MY SITE! And I have some catching up to do. SO THERE!

It's been sixes and sevens* around here for the last 6-7 weeks and things still aren't settled down, so posting could be sketchy.

And I've been busy printing my new money.

It takes time to do such things.

In addition, there are 5 students living here and I'm the "computer guru" who has to pull their bacon out of the fire** and do their research on the internet. These things take time. Poor boy!

Am currently listening to Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers. If you don't have their CD, shame on you.

On to more substantive shit.

This post talks (talks?) about a "Mid-East" descendant "dark" guy was harassed. It makes a good story, but my guess is a chubby white Anglo-Saxon would have been treated the same. I welcome your thoughts.

I'm positive Mid-East looking people are treated unfairly all the time in the US. Bush has fostered a fear of anyone who isn't white Anglo-Saxon and Americans have responded accordingly.

This is the headline: Bombers strike at Iraqi army, civilians

Does that bother you? It fucking pisses me off. Civilians?

Jesus H Christ on steroids, this isn't acceptable at all. The story doesn't address the atrocity of our killing civilians.

Interesting. Someone visited my site looking for "panties". What makes it interesting is they spent more time on my site and visited many more pages than the usual visitor. I might have a stalker? Nah. Just a politically curious animal who's into panties (figuratively speaking).

If you have a blog, are you getting a lot of hits from people searching on "McCain"? I think his people are surfing the net for items on him.

I'm dropping Dennis Perrin from my Bloglines RSS feeds and blogroll (be patient, I'm teh lazy) even though I admire his posts. Why? Because he doesn't allow comments. If I say something people don't agree with, fine. Let me know. Add info if you have it, fine. The fact Dennis doesn't blogroll me has nothing to do with it. Duh!

I'm sure you can find Dennis without my blogrolling him and I encourage you to do so.

That said, I will link to him if necessary and comment here on his posts. To wit:

He says.

Now that some of my aggression has been channeled, I can state in a emi-reasonable tone that Moyers' examination of how the US mainstream press helped to sell the invasion of Iraq yielded no real surprises.

No real surprises for many of us liberals, but probably some surprises to many Americans. They bought into the invasion of Iraq quite well, thank you. It was always bogus and many of us liberals knew it all along. Hahahah. TOLD YOU SO!

What I'm curious about is...will this program be the death knell for PBS? Again, to wit: Bush wants to gut PBS.

Inquiring minds want to know. And we want to know now!

This is a tribute to them.

This is your typical winger.

Thanx to Mr Toledano.

*Sixes and sevens is an American term for chaos and general craziness.

**Pulling their bacon out of the fire is American slang for saving their sorry asses.



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