Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What has Bush wrought?

I'm thinking about putting together a list of atrocities/insults fostered upon the American public and the world at large by George W Bush. I would like assistance from any readers, especially from foreign readers of SPIIDERWEB™ who often know more about the US than do its citizens.

I'll get you started.

  • Eliminated the protection of habeas corpus
  • Destroyed America's stature throughout the world
  • Condoned torture
  • Spied on American and foreign citizens
  • Illegally invaded a foreign country
  • Allowed kidnapping of foreign nationals
  • Raped the American public with tax breaks for the wealthy
  • Ignored the plight of the people of New Orleans after Katrina
  • Appointed complete incompetents to federal posts
  • Installed his "loyal Bushies" to many sensitive positions
  • Lied
  • Sent captives to countries known for administering torture
  • Ignored the real source of the 9/11 attacks
  • Destroyed the reputations of federal attorneys of the US
  • Decimated the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Ruined NASA
  • Ignored warnings of global warming
  • Refused to increase limits on carbon emissions
  • Gave out many exorbitant no-bit contracts to cronies
  • Stole at least one election
  • Ignored laws made by Congress via signing statements
  • Punished anyone who would not toe the Bush line
  • Allowed oil companies to set US energy policy
  • Killed thousands of innocent Iraqis
  • Killed thousands of innocent Afghans
  • Turned Iran, NKorea and other countries into dangerous foes
  • Destroyed the US Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Installed himself as dictator of the US and the world
  • Ruined the US economy
  • Sent mentally challenged US troops into battle
  • Spent more than the US's monetary surplus
  • Mortgaged your children's and grand children's future
  • Ignored the Geneva Convention
  • Stacked the SCOTUS with partisan hacks
  • Lined the pockets of his contributors
  • Gave huge rebates to big oil companies
  • Created a fertile stage for terrorist recruiting and action
  • Has often looked stupid
  • Insulted Germany's Merkel and other dignitaries
  • Sent ill-equipped US troops into battle
  • Allowed returning troops to be mistreated by VA
  • Put politics above American's interests and needs
  • Did I mention he lied...repeatedly?
  • Refused to correct problems in his administration
  • Decided its quite proper to detain Americans without access to courts and without formal charges
  • Ignored warnings an al-Qaeda attack on the US was imminent
  • Manufactured evidence to support his desire for imperialism
  • Never attended one funeral for a fallen US soldier
I'm sure there are many more things I've missed. This is just a "few" off the top of my head. Please help me out here. I want to compile the definitive list of things Bush has foisted upon everyone. It can be a reference source and you can be part of it all.

If you add your items in the comments, I'll do my best to remember to give you credit. But don't bet on it because I'm too lazy to be so organized.



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