Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You know more than I

This is totally, dude, out of left field, but bear with me if you will.

And why is my use of "bear" the 10th definition at

I digress.

For most of my life I've had the uneasy feeling I was 'out of the loop". The kewl kids knew things I didn't. Congress critters knew things I didn't which is why they would often legislate what to me seemed fucking stupid laws.

Just when I thought I had a handle on things I run into this shit:
The Gates Inheritance will be posted in three parts this week and, long as it is, it's actually a marvel of compression, packing into a relatively modest space an epic history of mayhem none of us should avoid -- a grim history that led to September 11th, 2001 and now leads us into an unknown, increasingly perilous future.

And this:
US media outlets have recently been demonstrating an increasingly unwholesome affinity for delivering a GOP-centric message to the American public. And, in some cases, rabidly so. Back in September, coyly timed just before the November elections, Disney/ABC squirted out the excreable partisan hack-job, The Path to 9/11, which blamed 9/11 on Clinton and ignored the mendacious stylings of the Bush administration in steering clear of the vast spectrum of warnings of impending attack.

Years ago, many, I read The Invisible Government which outlined the clandestine activities of the US. My X and I had heated debates about it. I believed it and she didn't. Then came the Bay of Pigs...

At this stage I'm pretty sure all of us are out of the loop. We know much more now than we have, but we know little.

Feeling foolish? I know I am. But we have to keep looking and searching for the "real" truth.

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