Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hotline After Dark -- The Speaker Has The Floor

The not at all fierce looking Genghis Khan

Jesus H Christ running the Boston Marathon, why 60 votes? You can make a political statement to the American people and the world with a simple majority and cut the Republicans off at the ankles.

Tell the world we are tired of feeding our troops into a meat grinder. We're abhorred to be killing innocent people. We aren't a blood thirsty regime such as Temüüjin (Тэмүүжин, Genghis Khan). Impressed? I have I couldn't spell Genghis Khan if my life depended on it. And forget about Тэмүүжин.

Do what you were elected to do you fucking dunderheads.

The president vetoed that bill. He got quite a response to that veto and the Republicans in the Senate then decided that he was never going to get a bill on his desk again. So we have a barrier. And it's important for the American people to know that while I can bring a bill to the floor in the House, it cannot be brought up in the Senate unless there is a 60 vote."

Sometimes its about making the gesture and not necessarily "winning".

Do I have more political savvy than the experts in office? Just asking.

FYI Genghis Khan's first name is also depicted as Chinggis, Chingis, Genghiz, Jengiz, Dzsingisz, and probably others. My guess is Charlie isn't one of them, but I have no proof.

FYI even more, Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan was notorious for his sexual as well as his territorial conquests. But the extent to which he captured women's hearts* has now been revealed with research suggesting that he has 16 million Asian descendants.

Khan was a one person population explosion.

* I serious doubt "capturing hearts" had anything to do with it. He took women when he wanted and probably raped most. Some Casanova.

Ain't it great what you learn at SPIIDERWEB™?

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