Thursday, October 18, 2007

God damn son of a bitch

I truly hate it when this happens.

After stating in my own comments that I see a huge difference between progressives and wingers in that progressives can disagree, but wingers have to stay loyal to The Message™, I run into this shit.
Bucking Republican Orthodoxy

Uh oh. It looks likes someone is in danger of losing his status as a conservative in good standing. It began yesterday when Ramesh Ponnuru of the National Review took issue with a claim made by the New York Sun editorial staff. The editors of the Sun, in an editorial entitled "What is a Republican?" claimed that all Republicans should be able to unify around the following idea:
Reductions in top marginal tax rates provide incentives for growth and lead to greater government revenues in the long run. That is not always the case. There is a point on the Laffer Curve at which tax cuts on the top margin stop generating increased income, but we are nowhere near that point now.

Ponnuru, who is the most intellectually honest of the Corner gang by a country mile, took issue with this, noting the obvious:
Presumably what they [the editors of the Sun] mean is that the top income tax rate is higher than the revenue-maximizing rate, but I'm not sure why they think that it is. Bush's tax cuts appear to have caused revenue to be lower than it would otherwise have been, which suggests that we're already below the revenue-maximizing tax rate.

Of course, as stated by A L in the first couple sentences, Ramesh Ponnuru is probably dead meat to the Republicans. The stupid ass strayed from The Message™. The Republicans will teach him about the folly of thinking.

He's authored a book called The Party of Death. Duh. You can see that in the picture.

Haven't read that book, but my research shows it refers to Democrats* when it should be about Republicans.

* Here it gets tricky. From my research**, Ponnuru denies its about the Dems and then says it is. He's writing about abortion and euthanasia. I guess bombing the shit out of Iraqi civilians doesn't count as "death".

** Remember, dear reader, I'm lazy ass so my research is always suspect.

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