Saturday, October 20, 2007

Must read IMHO

Disclaimer: This is not my endorsement of HRC.
Andrew Sullivan and Radley Balko warn that a Hillary Clinton administration is likely to be as bad as the Bush/Cheney administration when it comes to aggrandizing executive power. Sullivan writes:
You want a change from the Bush era? Only pure partisans think a third term for a Clinton co-presidency would do it. Yes, it would give every partisan Democrat a thrill. But if you care about the damage done by this president to the constitutional order, don't believe for a minute that the Clintons would reverse it. They love their power.

This is nonsense.

And here's the real, right-in-your-face kicker.
Moreover, nothing could possibly do more to reawaken Republican concern for civil liberties and checks and balances than a Clinton presidency.

Via Anonymous Liberal.



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