Friday, October 19, 2007

Something stinks here

You really don't need to read any of these stories, but may if you wish.

The question at hand is why the fuck so much attention is being drawn to the FCC. Is this a diversion from something we should be looking at?
Senators Urge Slower Timetable for FCC Review of Media Ownership Rules

FCC Chairman Circulates Plan to Bend the Citizenry over a Mahogany Desk

FCC Proposes Fine for Airing Paid Pundit

An Assault on Media Diversity and Democracy

US to Vote on Easing Media Ownership Rules

FCC to Announce Final Media Ownership Hearing in Seattle

FCC Finally Fines Stations for Armstrong Williams Payola

FCC to Soon Extend Franchise Relief to Cable Companies Coalition Shocked by FCC's Secret Timetable

Tribune Deal Is Mired in FCC Rift over Cross-Ownership Rules

Dorgan Working Up Media-Ownership Bill

FCC Pushes Ahead with 'No Child Left Behind' Fines

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

The FCC Must Not Rush to Judgement

Industry Ears Statement on the FCC Proposed Media Ownership Rules

When something is so dominate in the media, it usually means there's something behind the curtain someone doesn't want us to look at.

Yeah, I end sentences with prepositions. Often. So?



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