Saturday, October 27, 2007

Possibly a shock

As I've said before, I love country music. That said...

Neil Peart is a god!!!1!!

I've many friends who are professional musicians. They listen to Neil's work and are in awe. They have no idea how he does what he does and they have no chance of duplicating it. That is assuming they could afford his kit.

And he's singing too.

Jesus H Christ with no medical coverage I wish I had half his talent.

The site I'm listening to says this:
You would think that a veteran band entering their fourth decade together would perhaps mellow out a bit, but this doesn't prove to be case -- as evidenced by the leadoff track, "One Little Victory,"

Uh, no. Once into rock, always into rock. Its an addiction.

Mick Jagger? Keith Richards? My case rests.

Please realize this doesn't diminish the talent of:

Another favorite.



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