Friday, November 30, 2007

Cancer Study: 'Graveyard Shift' Might Be a Literal Term

Rejoice in your having a 9-5 job and quit your bitching.
As strange as it sounds, researchers have established that people who work at night may be more susceptible to contracting certain types of cancers.

Hmmm. My CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia), which I've posted about before, hit me when I was on graveyard.

And I attributed it to carbon-less paper, Post-It® Notes and too much Diet Pepsi® (lately Pepsi Light®). Duh!

Via Wired.

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Blogger Librocrat said...

I doubt that. I've seen that people who work night shifts are more likely to be happy with isolation (which also leads to health problems) and more likely to smoke. Couple that with no sleep and a generally poor living habits (no one who works night shifts is rich) and you get earlier death.

11/30/2007 05:54:00 AM  
Blogger spiiderweb™ said...

In fact, I was just playing with this. I loved the graveyard shift.

In a huge corporation there are far fewer headaches on graveyard and less politics.

Its laid-back and there's an extra measure of camaraderie amongst the people.

And the commutes were a breeze.

11/30/2007 07:53:00 AM  

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