Wednesday, November 14, 2007

China returns "Taiwan for U.N." stamped mail to senders

Hey, fasten your seat belt because I'm gonna do a fucking 180° turn on ya.

This isn't about the mail in China at all, but about insecurity. I lived with a father who was insecure. You. Did. Not. Question. Him...ever.

Well, you could question my father if you were looking for a fist in the face.

China has the same fucking problem. Criticism is never allowed. Why? They have no faith they can rule adequately? That'd be my guess.

Taiwan can exist independently and pose no threat at all to the mainland. Its simply an insecurity China has with Taiwan. They don't want to "lose face" or whatever.

We can't constantly be revisiting history to "right wrongs". Move on people. Deal with current and future problems and let dead dogs lie.

Jesus H Christ in Doc Martens. And yes, I have an endless supply of Doc Marten pictures. Hehehe.

Not really endless supply. That suggests infinity. But I do have a shit load.

OK, rambling over.

Via Boston Globe.



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