Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gaza: the Final Solution in Slow Motion

This is genocide and it is in slow motion. It might be a great tactic, but only sadists and psychopaths would resort to it.

And where's the Bush administration's condemnation? This seems humanitarian to it?

Oh yeah, why the fuck do I keep forgetting the Bush administration is made up of sadists and psychopaths. They undoubtedly see nothing wrong here.
About four o'clock in the morning the pharmacist Salim Madani is in Sufa, the only border post to the Gaza Strip that the government of Israel opens every now and then. They have been waiting for 14 day for a truck loaded with medicines for distribution in the Strip, still stuck on the Israeli side. They have been waiting for permission from the Israeli government so that they may move the load onto another truck so the medicines can move into Khan Yunis on the Palestinian side.

For many months ill Palestinians have been dying needlessly because many other trucks have not been authorized to transport medicines or even any other basic products - to the prison into which Gaza has been transformed. The martyr children Mohammad Turk, Mohammad Helow and Shaban Lulu, are only three of the hundreds of Palestinians that have died in the last so many months as a result of the Israeli and international blockade.

Shifa'a hospital staff in Gaza City pointed out September 5, 2006 that the three boys had died because of renal complications that could not be treated as they had run out of the necessary medicines. The Emergency General Director of the Ministry of Health warned at the time of the imminent danger of death faced by more than six hundred children suffering from renal deficiencies. Since then, actually since Israel occupied Palestine for the first time, it has been very plain that Palestinian children, old people, women and men face the very present danger of losing their land, their houses, their way of life and even life itself, for no other reason other than they are not Jews.

It is also glaringly clear that from that date on that the international community has refused to put a stop to this slow and painful genocide. On the contrary, they have chosen to make it possible in many ways for Israel to carry out its own Final Solution in Palestine: giving them weapons, money, political support and punishing the Palestinians in Gaza with a boycott that cries out to heaven with anguish for its cruelty and brutality.


Talking in less technical terms but closer to reality, what OCHA [UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs] is actually saying is that the Israelis stop the food at the border until it perishes and the medicines go out of date. In this way " the beasts in two legs" (as the Palestinians are called by the Israelis) fall ill for lack of vitamins, enough food or the essential elements necessary for a healthy life. Then they find that they cannot find any help in medicines that turn out to be ineffective. [emphasis in the original]

Stopping shipments of industrial materials, building materials, household supplies and such is one thing, but three categories of shipments should never be stopped or delayed at the Gaza border crossing.

1. Medicines.

2. Food for the people.

3. Animal feed.

If you want to read more on this, here's the Oxfam page from whence the photo came.

Then there's this headline: Israel approves arms shipment to Abbas. Of course none of those arms will ever be used against Israelis.

Olmert categorized this as "a goodwill gesture". No, a goodwill gesture is to allow shipments of food and medicines.

We live in very strange times indeed.

Via The Signs.

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