Monday, November 05, 2007

People collect things, right?

I can buy something or be given it. It doesn't really matter which. Let's say one of my sons gave me a beautiful small blue crystal ball. Which is true. Ah, a crystal ball.

Then my ball mouse died, but I kept the ball and threw out the rest.

Now I have two orbs. Not a problem. Ah, but I bought a large clear crystal ball. Oh shit!!!1!!

My obsessive compulsive disorder kicks in to determine three orbs constitute a collection.

Now I have to extract the balls in depleted roll-on deodorant packages, buy super balls, soccer balls, basketballs, scratch my balls.

The last one was a fucking joke. I don't have three balls.

Once I have three of anything, its a collection and I'm obsessed with adding to the collection.

Which brings me back to eggs.

I have no idea how many egg-shaped items I have. They're all over the house.

They're marble, wooden, obsidian (actually crystal), stone (granite), plastic, alabaster, fluorite, girasol, jade, glass, onyx, ostrich (emptied), eudialyte, crystal, rose quartz, chaorite, jasper, aventurine, petrified wood, aragonite, fossil wood, several materials which I don't even recognize, and my favorite, a gold-plated egg I found in Malaysia.

Its impossible for me to spot an egg-shaped item in a shop without buying it.

I'm quite prone to "shapes". Visual I guess. If its a pleasing shape, I have to have it.

And then there are computer mouses (mice?). I have about 10 only. So I may be getting better.

We all have our demons. Mine just manifest themselves on a regular basis. Damn.

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