Thursday, November 15, 2007


This post is probably boring. Skip it if you have something interesting to do.

Just got an invitation to a wedding in Taiwan. I wish to hell I could go. Would love to kiss the bride.

I was next to a girl (yes, she was that young) on a plane flight. Most of the time she slept because she wasn't feeling well. But we did talk for about 45 minutes. Exchanged email addresses and said our goodbyes.

Since then she's become a dear friend.

When I met her she was working for her uncle in South Africa. She is from Taiwan. Duh!

She then moved to mainland China where she is now.

Her husband to be is in Canada.

Folks, this is about as fucking intercontinental as we can get.

PS: I don't think that's what she'll wear at her wedding. Hehehe.



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