Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Border Patrol Fires Tear Gas Into Mexico

Its always the innocents who pay the price. I'm surprised they didn't send over bullets, but that could be next.
The Border Patrol says its agents were attacked nearly 1,000 times during a one-year period along the Mexican border, typically by assailants hurling rocks, bottles and bricks. Now the agency is responding with tear gas and powerful, pepper-spray weapons, including firing into Mexico.

The counteroffensive has drawn complaints that innocent families are being caught in the crossfire.

"A neighbor shouted, 'Stop it! There are children living here," said Esther Arias Medina, 41, who on Wednesday fled her Tijuana, Mexico, shanty with her 3-week-old grandson after the infant began coughing from smoke that seeped through the walls.

A helmeted agent on the U.S. side said nothing as he stood with a rifle on top of a 10-foot border fence next to the three-room home that Arias shares with six others.

The reason this was necessary eludes me. Considering how far a person can hurl rocks, bottles and bricks, why didn't the agents just back up and get out of range?


Via The Signs.



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