Thursday, December 20, 2007

May I suggest you consider Bloglines

This might be a good time to plug Bloglines.

Disclaimer: I use Bloglines, but have no other connection at all.

That said, it's a good aggregator and has a couple features I especially like:

It indicates (with boldface) how many new posts are on a site since you last visited and only shows you the sites with new posts or the posts you've tagged as "Keep New" (not boldface). It saves you the time of going to a site only to learn nothing new has been posted.

It also caches sites, I think. Which means the new posts come up on your computer very quickly.

Another kewl feature is the ability to "clip" an item and save it, even into files you've set up. So you might clip Iran items into an Iran or Mid-East folder for later retrieval.

If you don't like it, just stop using it. I'm not twisting arms here.




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