Wednesday, December 19, 2007

War on Christmas™

I wouldn't be laughing at this, but everything turned out OK.

It appears like the War on Christmas™ is heating up.
Drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have opened fire on a helicopter carrying a Santa Claus to one of the city's shanty towns.

No one was hurt and it is thought the gunmen believed the helicopter belonged to the police.

The helicopter was taking an actor dressed as Santa Claus to a Christmas party in the favela of Nova Mare when it came under fire.

Two bullet holes were found in the fuselage when it returned to base.

The police said it was only a matter of luck that no one was hurt.

Presents delivered


The Santa later returned to Nova Mare by car to deliver his presents, where more than 1,000 children and parents were still waiting for his arrival. [emphasis in original - ed]

I suppose the lesson to be learned here is: Don't wear bright red clothing around hostile people with firearms.


Via BBC News.



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