Wednesday, December 12, 2007

War on Christmas™

OK, lets go all out this year in the War on Christmas™. If the ChristoFascists in religion are serious, go Puritan and ban the whole fucking holiday.

Just think how much money everyone would save. Although I lean toward allowing gambling and that huge gut busting meal. As for the "playing games" bit, does politics count?
In 1659, just a few decades after they had arrived in the New World, the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas (as well as gambling and congregation for non-religious purposes). The holiday reminded them of Old World customs from England (the nation from which they’d fled to escape religious persecution). In fact, they refused to consider December 25th a holy day at all - the Catholic Church had selected the date as the day to celebrate Christ’s birthday because it coincided with an ancient, popular pagan festival. Anybody in Boston caught singing, drinking, playing games, or having a feast on Christmas was fined five shillings. The bans were later revoked, but it wouldn’t be the last time a moral outcry deprived Bostonians of diversions that seem relatively harmless today.


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