Friday, January 04, 2008

EPA Spews Auto Industry Propaganda

Hang in there, the author gets around to explaining his "religious hypocrite" comment. In some detail, I might add.
The recent holiday season is a reminder that among the most vile of creatures is the religious hypocrite on the taxpayer dole.

There are no doubt numerous examples that could be cited within the Bush administration, but top of mind this week would be Steve Johnson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ignoring all legal and technical evidence -- and the advice of his career experts -- Johnson sided with the car industry and rejected the request of California to enforce the state's landmark greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles. (No fewer than 19 other states have already adopted these standards or are considering them, representing about half the U.S. population.) In fact, Johnson took action that his own legal team said was probably illegal.

It just doesn't surprise me much anymore that these hacks will flat out fucking lie. Their allegiance is to the administration and big business. They couldn't care less about you.

However, California is going to sue the EPA over this. Good for California.

I posted before on this when news first came out. Having national and California standards is no problem. Remember when all California cars had to have catalytic converters? Big deal.

Via AlterNet.



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