Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gazans pour into Egypt for second day (AFP)

All I can say is thank gawd Mexico has no explosives. At least the US-Mexico border fence will hold 'em back.

My gut feeling is the Mexican people have almost as much incentive to enter the US as the Palestinians have to enter Egypt.

In fact, except for necessities like medicine, the Mexicans may have a greater incentive. They're after work to afford what the Gazans already can afford.
Palestinian thronged out of Gaza into Egypt for a second consecutive day on Thursday to stock up on supplies after militants blew open the border of the Hamas-run territory.

Desperate people won't be stopped. Just wait 'til Canadians run out of Molson.

Hey, folks, that's a fucking joke.

They have other beers such as Kokanee and Labatt. But I'd be on the lookout in Golden Colorado (home of Coors beer).

Via Yahoo News.



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