Friday, January 18, 2008

Revisiting the British Airlines crash at Heathrow

I've read several accounts now about this landing. Some suspect a flock of birds hit the plane, some say it may have run out of fuel. The pilot said the electronics failed and in another interview said the plane just stopped operating.

Here's my take on this. Modern aircraft electronics don't "fail". There is so much fucking redundancy built in its as close to impossible as humans can make it.

The pilot would have reported bird strikes. Out of fuel is possible, but airlines are pretty damn good at making sure that doesn't happen.

Look for a maintenance problem. In trying to cope with rising costs, its likely most airlines are getting rid of maintenance personnel and are starting with the oldest (read expensive) and most experienced people.

Hey, I could be completely wrong about this, as if I've never been wrong before, but let's just check back on this in a month or so.

Via CNN.



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