Friday, February 01, 2008

99 dead in Baghdad pet market blasts

UPDATE: This from someone in Baghdad.
At least 99 [my update -ed] people were killed today in two bombings, one in a bird market and the other in a pet market bombing. My first thought when I heard was children. The image of a father relenting to a young son's pleas for a puppy, a bird or a cat ran through my head. I imagine that some child thought they were finally getting a pet they wanted and instead were faced with the reality of Iraq, blood [emphasis mine].

She has video, but warns its gruesome.

Interestingly enough, almost every other news source I've read reported 14 people were killed by a blast in one pet market in Baghdad.

My guess is most news sources don't have actual reporters in Iraq, but that's just a supposition. So they report the information they get.
At least 43 people were killed today when bombs tore through two separate pet markets in Baghdad.

Yeah, I went with fucking birds in a Baghdad pet market &mdash pre-blast. I'm not nuts about showing mutilated, bloody bodies and the dead.

Via BreakingNews.



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