Saturday, February 02, 2008

Failure to impeach Bush will haunt Democrats and the country

Weldon Berger makes an excellent case for impeachment. Its light on specifics, but he was going after consequences, repercussions.

I have to disagree with the emphasized statement. Coherent summaries are all over the place. That link is not only coherent, its almost exhaustive in its particulars. Its also written by a professor of law and could be presented to Congress "as is". He's done all the hard work.

And Kucinich has put together a comprehensive bill of impeachment against Cheney.
Nearly a decade of investigations, a lurid [I'd say titillating, but...] final report and a concerted campaign for impeachment left Bill Clinton among the more popular American presidents, with the majority of Americans unconvinced of any need to impeach or remove him from office. Nearly a decade of no investigations, with no coherent summary of misdeeds and no institutional effort to impeach, has left George Bush among the most unpopular of all presidents with a large minority, possibly a plurality, of Americans believing he deserves impeachment.

Clinton was impeached for personal reasons, on both sides of the equation: it was his personal behavior that provided whatever basis for the charges existed, and the desire to impeach him was intensely personal as well. However much impeachment proponents dislike Bush and Cheney—often considerably—the rationale for impeaching them is their official behavior. Consequently, any indictment of the two, whether for repeatedly breaking the law with respect to warrantless surveillance, or violating the Geneva conventions, or politicizing the Department of Justice or any of a number of other crimes, would constitute an indictment of their Congressional enablers as well.

I do, however, believe someone needs to introduce Weldon Berger to The Google™*.

That's a joke, folks.

* A reference to Dim Son's remark to the effect he knows computers and uses The Google™. As you know, no one with any knowledge of search engines would call it The Google™. Its just those confusing internets tubes.

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