Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lower house passes anti-terror law

Ya gotta fucking love law makers regardless of country.
Canada's lower house Wednesday passed a revised anti-terrorism law that remains one of the country's most contentious, allowing the government to detain foreign terror suspects indefinitely without disclosing evidence against them.

Canada's Supreme Court struck down the previous law last year, finding that it violates Canada's bill of rights. The law said non-citizens suspected of being a threat to national security could be held indefinitely under security "certificates," and did not allow them to see details of the case against them.

The court said the non-citizen suspects should have a right to respond to evidence used against them by intelligence agents and noted that Britain allows government-appointed special advocates to review such sensitive intelligence material.

It suspended the judgment from taking effect for a year, to give Parliament time to rewrite the law, called the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act [emphasis mine].

Did you catch my point? The title of the law is the fucking Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Who is going to rejoice about getting such goddamn "protection"? Just asking.

Via Yahoo News.

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