Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shatner Never Watched Star Trek!

When is a Trekkie not a Trekkie?
Whaaaaaa? William Shatner admitted that he’s never watched Star Trek!

File under I learn new stuff every fucking day: Did you know Trekkie had two Ks? I didn't until now.

If you did, your a goddamn bigger geek than I.

Via Neatorama.



Blogger daveawayfromhome said...

I didnt know it. I mean, had you asked me I would have had to think about it, but I also know that had I just written the word in a sentence, I would have spelled it the right way, because "trekie" just looks wrong.

2/12/2008 06:21:00 AM  
Blogger SPIIDERWEB™ said...

That's why I had to look it up. One "K" just didn't seem right.

So strange. I've lived with Trekkie and Trekkies, even eaten with some remarkable ones, in their makeup and clothing including an unbelievable Klingon, at Denny's, but never knew how to spell the word.

2/12/2008 09:29:00 AM  

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