Monday, March 03, 2008


We get news Israel has pulled troops out of Gaza.
Via News Tin: Israeli ground troops pulled out of northern Gaza before daybreak Monday, following the first extended sweep in an offensive against Palestinian rocket squads that has left more than 100 dead and led the Palestinian president to call off peace talks.

Now doesn't this seem a fucking bit queer only hours after this?
Via The Statesman: Israel today carried out a missile attack on Hamas' eposed Premier's office with Israeli Prime Minister Mr Ehud Olmert vowing not to stop offensive “even for a second”, rebuffing international condemnation for killing over 60 Palestinians in two days of intense fighting. [emphasis mine]

Perhaps its some sort of political positioning as Austan Goolsbee said about Obama's NAFTA remarks that upset Canada.

Ya know, we really do have to take out those goddamn Canadians. Every few months they become a fucking thorn. Just a thought.

Ya know the difference between SPIIDERWEB™ and a winger? I was joking!

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