Monday, March 03, 2008

Must read IMHO

This is a no punches pulled comparison of US and Canadian healthcare. And I use US and healthcare in the same fucking sentence advisedly. All emphasis mine.
I am near the end of another busy shift in a major Canadian emergency department. The nurse in charge asks me to see two women in the minor care area - a daughter and her elderly mother. Both of them are in tears and pale with fear. I go into the room that they are in and immediately observe the elderly mother is holding her acutely swollen wrist. I am not surprised that she is crying; however, her daughter’s tears take me aback. The first words out of her daughter’s mouth are that they are American and do not have insurance. They were visiting our city and her mother slipped on the water front pier, badly injuring her wrist.

In Canada, we have the “Canada Health Act” which requires that all residents of a province or territory [Canada] be accepted for health coverage. This means that every Canadian, regardless of the amount of money they have, receives quality healthcare that is within their financial means. Everyone is covered. If someone genuinely cannot afford healthcare, they are covered by the province’s social assistance program.

The letter will disturb you, but its something you need to read.

BTW, while searching for a picture
I actually found this fucking sign.

Be sure to tell your children as young as possible to forget having an accident or coming down with a high fever after 8.30P. Because its their ass.

Get injured working during the night or have an automobile accident? Tough shit!

Hope the ambulance drivers know where a 24 hour emergency room is. I'm also curious how much further away it is.

This is so fucking ridicules I should file it under humor.

Via No Quarter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey that is City Hospital in Saskatoon. Not to worry there is a Trauma hospital 5 minutes away. That ER is more like a clinic. still a funny sign

8/26/2010 12:26:00 PM  

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