Sunday, March 02, 2008

Washington deploys warships off the coast of Lebanon

USS Cole

The Bush administration has ordered the deployment of US Navy warships, including the guided missile destroyer USS Cole, off the coast of Lebanon and Israel, escalating the threat of a wider war in the Middle East. The Cole, capable of striking targets throughout the region with cruise missiles, is expected to be joined soon by the US Navy's Nassau battle group, which includes six vessels, including amphibious landing craft, as well as a contingent of over 2,000 Marines. The deployment constitutes a "show of support for regional stability" because of "concern about the situation in Lebanon," a Pentagon official told Agence France-Press. In reality this naked exercise in gunboat diplomacy can only serve to increase tensions and make a regional war all the more likely.

Also referred to as fucking for virginity.

Come on now. The idiot and his administration have chosen sides and it ain't Lebanon's.

From last post, who do you think built and sold the aircraft used by Israel to pound the shit out of Gaza? It sure as hell wasn't Liechtenstein.

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