Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israelis attack to counter rockets and kill 50 in Gaza

Here we go again. All emphasis mine.
Update below.
Palestinian negotiators threatened Saturday to suspend already-sluggish peace talks with Israel after more than 50 Gaza Strip residents, including at least six children, were killed in Israeli attacks.

It was the deadliest day in years as the Israeli military launched a campaign of air strikes, artillery fire and ground attacks aimed at Palestinian militants who launch rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. By nightfall, more than 50 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers had been killed.


Israel launched the weekend operation after a crude Palestinian rocket killed an Israeli college student on Wednesday and more advanced rockets hit Askhelon, the largest city close to the Gaza border.

Palestinian militants struck Ashkelon again on Saturday with at least seven rockets that injured six Israelis. Another 30 rockets were fired at smaller communities near the Gaza borders that caused no serious injuries.

One dead Israeli, six injured and no serious injuries in a later attack by the Palestinians, but 50 killed in Gaza by massive air, artillery and ground attacks.

Yeah, that seems like a fucking tit for tat.

No I don't condone rockets' being fired into Israel. Just to set that record straight.

Update: The death tole is now 61. And it appears the peace process is dead as well.

Via McClatchy.

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