Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2.9 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Colorado Town

July 1980 - Mount Saint Helens*

This just in.
An earthquake briefly rattled the small town of Lake George Tuesday afternoon.

Californians as well as millions around the world must be laughing their asses off. Two fucking point nine? That's not an earthquake. That's a collective reaction to eating beans.

Must have been a damn slow news day.

I've experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, several of lesser magnitude and 2.9 just doesn't cut it.

BTW, the 7.1 earthquake was incredible!!!1!! It is awe inspiring to watch ol' Mother Nature unleash her power.

* Hey. I could choose to show Mother Nature on display at Mount Saint Helens or a fucking seismograph depicting an earthquake. I chose the former.

Via The Signs.



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