Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm trying something completely new for me.

I have a Mont Blanc fountain pen I bought years ago on eBay. I always wanted one but couldn't afford it. Finally I had the USD $385 I could spare and treated myself to one fantastic writing instrument. Yeah, I could only afford a cheaper model. If I had such disposable income to spare today I'd blow it on a computer to replace the piece of shit I have now.

So I'm creating this post in longhand. Its actually fun. Its also necessary because someone else is using the PC. It is a bit of a challenge because pen and paper don't have spell check. Arghhh!!!1!!

There are two programs on TV I recommend. The first one, Top Gear, I've recommended before. It's hands down the funniest program out there. The other is Fifth Gear. I guess the UK can't produce a program involving vehicles without the word "Gear" in the title.

Both programs are fun and will introduce you to hundreds of cars you can never afford, but might be willing to give your first born or soul to own. Note: I would do neither.

I won't but should scan these pages. Only I can interpret what I've written. I NEVER write anymore and with my fucked up wrist I find it nearly impossible. Yes, after all this time it is still fucked up and hurts all the time. Such are the agony and dedication I bring to this blog.



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